Indiana University Bans Athletes With Sexual Violence Past

20 Apr Indiana University Bans Athletes With Sexual Violence Past

memorial stadium

Photo: WFIU Public Radio

Memorial Stadium at Indiana University

Indiana University Athletics Director Fred Glass recently announced a new policy that will disqualify student-athletes with a history of sexual or domestic violence from competing at IU.

The Faculty Athletics Committee approved the new policy last week. It includes any prospective student-athlete, transfer student or incoming freshman.

National Sports Journalism Center Director Galen Clavio says the new policy is proactive rather than reactive.

“I could certainly see the Big Ten enacting something like this in the future because if Indiana’s got it, some other school is going to get it and then you’re going to lead into a situation where the whole conference says we really need to do this from a public relations stand point,” he says.

Clavio says the policy gives the university an extra layer of protection and includes an appeal process for any student found in violation of the policy.

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