GOP Candidate Eric Holcomb To Announce Running Mate Monday

28 Jul GOP Candidate Eric Holcomb To Announce Running Mate Monday


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Holcomb is running for governor after Pence withdrew to join Donald Trump’s ticket.

Indiana’s reshuffled campaign for governor has a new look now since Republican leaders have replaced Gov. Mike Pence on the November ballot while he moves to the national stage as Donald Trump’s running mate. Republican Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb has little more than 100 days to introduce himself to most voters around the state.

The Indiana GOP state committee will officially nominate gubernatorial candidate Eric Holcomb’s pick for lieutenant governor Monday.

Holcomb says he primarily wants a partner who can run the state. Bowen Center for Public Affairs director Joseph Losco notes that the last two governors have run with women on their tickets.

“We may have built up an expectation already in the state that having a male and female at the top of the ticket is a good thing to do.”

Mike Downs Center for Politics director Andrew Downs says Holcomb should look to the people he beat out for the gubernatorial nomination – U.S. Representatives Susan Brooks and Todd Rokita.

Downs adds that while going from Congress to Lieutenant Governor might seem like a step down, he says it depends on their political goals.

“When you’re Lieutenant Governor, you are setting yourself up to be the governor in a couple of elections.”

After losing their bids at the gubernatorial nomination, both Brooks and Rokita indicated they’ll aim to return to running for their House seats.

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