Democrat John Gregg Makes Campaign Stop In Muncie This Week

12 Oct Democrat John Gregg Makes Campaign Stop In Muncie This Week


Photo: John Gregg For Governor

Gubernatorial Candidate John Gregg campaigned in Muncie, Indiana speaking to university democrats.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg stopped in Muncie on Tuesday to fire up college-aged voters. Gregg spoke to university democrats in a town he’s traveled to several times this campaign.

Election night is now less than four weeks away, and as the presidential race focuses on locker room talk and jail time, Indiana’s gubernatorial race is focusing on jobs, at least according to John Gregg.

“We will focus on the economy because of we focus on the economy, everything else falls in line,” Gregg says.

When asked about why he has spent so much time in Muncie, a traditionally democratic city, Gregg had a very simple explanation.

“We travel the entire state of Indiana. Regardless of whether it’s Democrat or Republican, I’m ready to be governor of all the people of both parties, and this is a very large county,” Gregg says. “It’s a very important county. They’ve got a great economic base. They’ve got a great university. So, we’re just out as we travel all of Indiana just showing and telling Hoosiers that we want to serve as governor, not be governor.”

Early voting begins Wednesday ahead of Election Day on November 8th.

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