Conference Aims To Help Adoptees Connect With Birth Parents

20 Apr Conference Aims To Help Adoptees Connect With Birth Parents


Photo: Barbara Brosher

The bill makes it easier for those adopted during Indiana’s sealed records period to access their original birth certificates.

An Indiana group is holding its first ever conference for adoptive parents, birth parents and those who’ve been adopted this weekend in Bloomington. The event comes as the state prepares to open previously-sealed adoption records.

Lawmakers passed a bill last year that opens records that were sealed from 1941 to 1993. The law goes into effect next year.

Indiana Adoptee Network President Pam Kroskie says in preparation, the organization is offering sessions during the conference that will help people navigate the complicated process of tracking down birth parents using those records and DNA.

“Of course they can get their original birth certificate, but there’s going to be a lot that’s not on that original birth certificate,” Kroskie says. “Maybe the dad isn’t known. Maybe the mom doesn’t know who the dad is. So there’s a whole half of their genetics they don’t know.”

Kroskie tracked down her birth father using DNA.

“It’s a good feeling,” Kroskie says. “You kind of go, ‘Ok, now I know everything.’ I’m kind of at this place where now I can kind of put everything into perspective.”

The conference takes place Friday and Saturday at the Monroe County Convention Center.

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