Coats Refuses To Answer Questions During Sen. Committee Testimony

07 Jun Coats Refuses To Answer Questions During Sen. Committee Testimony

Photo: Sen. Dan Coats, R-Indiana

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats refuses to publicly discuss private conversations he’s had with President Donald Trump.

Coats was responding to a senator’s question about whether Trump pressured him to publicly downplay the significance of the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s election meddling and possible coordination with the Trump campaign.

Coats says he has never been pressured or felt pressure to intervene in shaping intelligence products.

Coats was testifying Wednesday before the Senate intelligence committee.

Coats and the National Security Agency director Mike Rogers say they are in discussions with the White House about whether their conversations with President Donald Trump are protected by executive privilege.

Rogers says he has not yet received an answer from the White House about whether the president intended to invoke the authority afforded to him to withhold certain communications from the public.

Maine Independent Sen. Angus King repeatedly asked Rogers and Coats what was the legal basis for their refusal to answer questions.

Coats says he is not sure he has a legal basis for refusing.

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