Alcohol Review Panel Set To Meet At Indiana Statehouse

14 Nov Alcohol Review Panel Set To Meet At Indiana Statehouse

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In Indiana only liquor stores are allowed to sell cold beer.

A legislative commission created to review Indiana’s antiquated alcohol laws will meet just days after two powerful lobbying groups presented their own alcohol plan as one that will win lawmakers’ approval.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers and the Indiana Retail Council said Friday that they have resolved longstanding differences, paving the way to repeal a prohibition on retail Sunday alcohol sales. The groups also announced opposition to allowing convenience and grocery stores to sell cold beer — a right long afforded to liquor stores.

But the lobbyists’ statement comes before the Alcohol Code Revisions Commission has completed its work.

It also comes amid criticisms that lawmakers have been too deferential to Indiana’s powerful liquor store owners.

The Alcohol Code Revisions Commission meets Tuesday morning at the Statehouse.

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