Alcohol Board Delays Decision On Renewal Of Kilroy’s Permit

13 Feb Alcohol Board Delays Decision On Renewal Of Kilroy’s Permit

The Monroe County Alcohol Board sits by desk to discuss permit

Photo: Tyler Lake

Remonstrators and a representative for Kilroy’s discussed a permit renewal with the board at the monthly meeting last week.

The Monroe County Alcohol Board is delaying the hearing that will determine whether Kilroy’s on Kirkwood can continue to sell alcohol.

The hearing was originally supposed to happen next month but has been pushed back to April 4 in order to accommodate the owners of Kilroy’s.

“It is my understanding that council for Kilroy’s requested the delay so that the owners could appear in person and address the concerns that are apparently going to be raised,” said Monroe County Alcohol and Tobacco Commission president, Kitty Liell.

Some residents voiced their concerns about the bar’s practices at the board meeting this month.

“We will, are eager to listen to the concerns of the community and have some input that is why the Alcohol Tobacco Commissions are locally run because we too are members of the same community,” says Liell.

The agenda for the April meeting will be available next month.

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