Remembering Howard County Deputy Carl Koontz

  • Deputy Carl Koontz

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    Photo: Courtesy Photo

    Photo identification left to right: Wife, Cassie Koontz, son, Noah Allendale Koontz, Deputy Carl Koontz.

  • Koontz Car

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    Photo: Joe Hren

    Koontz's patrol car in front of Howard Co. Sheriff's department.

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How Do New Teachers Balance School And Personal Life?

  • Hoffman2

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    Photo: Peter Balonon-Rosen

    Third grade teacher Gabe Hoffman reads to his third grade class at Nora Elementary School.

  • Hoffman1

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    Photo: Peter Balonon-Rosen

    Gabe Hoffman coaches a player of the North Central High School baseball team. Hoffman is a pitching...