Viva Rio?

Long a marketing platform for only a select few in the foodservice industry, the Olympics are evolving—and so are the tactics to capitalize on them.

Say what you will about Americans’ relative indifference to international sports, but the excitement ahead of the Olympic Summer Games, held...

Cracking the Glass Ceiling

After decades of experience, Del Taco franchisee Linda Vanderweel hopes more women will join the operator ranks.

Linda Vanderweel started her quick-serve career back in 1979 as a Del Taco shift leader in West Covina, California, working nearly every position in the restaurant, from prepping food...

Purdue Students Work To Prevent Harmful Algae Blooms

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    Photo: Purdue University iGEM

    Junior Suraj Mohan examines agarose gel in preparation for extracting DNA.

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    Photo: Purdue University iGEM

    Celery Bog, the local inspiration for the Purdue iGEM team's project, displays a green film of algae that...