Quick Serves Cut Calories in Kids’ Meals

While the efforts of various restaurants to increase the healthfulness of their offerings continue to garner industry-wide attention, one key consumer group is rarely addressed: kids.

Despite the relative lack of media attention, a new study has found that the largest restaurant chains are working to...

The Chapter After Chapter 11

Bankruptcy may conjure images of financial ruin, but it can offer a rare opportunity to reboot the brand.

It would have been easy for the leadership team at Saladworks to hide out in their offices at the company’s headquarters in Philadelphia, wallowing in consternation after their...

Your Guide To School Referenda On The May 2016 Ballot

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Many schools started turning to these referendum questions after property tax caps went into place in 2008. (photo credit: Jashin Lin/WTIU News)

As the May 3 Indiana primary approaches, ten school districts across the state are asking voters to raise taxes...

Experts: Despite CDC Announcements, Zika In Indiana Unlikely


Photo: NaibankFotos (


Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the range of the mosquito primarily responsible for carrying the Zika virus was more widespread than originally expected. Even though the new map contains...