Can You Match The Scarecrow To The State Park It Represents?

An annual fund-raiser at Prophetstown State Park is seeing a new twist this year. To celebrate the centennial of the state parks system, The Trail of Scarecrows invites community members to sponsor and decorate a scarecrow.

But this year, park staff also decorated scarecrows that represent...

Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Suing Subway For Damages

Jared Fogle leaves court.

Photo: Drew Daudelin


The ex-wife of former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle is suing the restaurant chain for damages, saying the company received three reports indicating his sexual interest in children but failed to take proper...

What You Need To Know About 7 School Referenda On November Ballot

This November’s election isn’t only about voting elected officials into office. There’s a lot at stake for seven of Indiana’s public school districts.

But why, you may ask? Let us explain.

School districts can ask voters through a ballot referenda process to raise property taxes to help fund their...

Video: Watch ‘Indiana Newsdesk’ October 21, 2016

[embedded content] Coming up on Indiana Newsdesk: The two candidates for state superintendent are probably more alike than they are different. The thing that stands out the most is one candidate has an R next to her name and the other has a D. Coming u...