Indiana Opens Preseason Football Camp

  • IU football Gest

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    Photo: Joe Hren

    Freshman Running Back Cole Gest

  • IU football lineup

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    IU football quarterbacks during preseason camp drills

  • IU football Wilson

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    IU Head Football Coach Kevin Wilson

It was no...

IPL Seeking Price Hike To Recover Energy Saving Costs

Photo: Duke Energy The law affects Duke Energy, Indiana-Michigan Power, NIPSCO, Vectren and IPL. The potential hike relates to a state law requiring the five major Indiana utilities to implement energy efficiency programs. IPL is seeking to raise m...

Ask The Mayor: Mayor Lienhoop On Human Rights Lawsuit

Jim Lienhoop

Photo: Joe Hren

Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop

The mayor’s reaction on the new GOP Gubernatorial candidate, road work updates, chicken ordinance, an abandoned buildings ordinance and a $750,000 economic development grant to the schools.

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