Video: Watch ‘Indiana Newsdesk’ February 10, 2017

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Coming up on Indiana Newsdesk:

We visit Columbus to see the effects of President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Coming up, more on how the ban could impact the business community.

And we explain how opioid abuse is leading to an increased number of child neglect cases.

Valentine’s Day...

Maryland/DC Vending Council Reinstitutes Legislative Day At Maryland Capitol

Issue Date: Vol. 57, No. 2, February 2017, Posted On: 2/10/2017
Emily Jed
[email protected]
TAGS: Maryland/DC Vending Council, vending machine industry, foodservice,

ANNAPOLIS, MD -- The Maryland/DC Vending Council held its newly revived legislative...

Noon Edition: Increasing Internet Access In Rural Indiana

Photo: Sascha Pohflepp (Flickr) Broadband internet is now a necessity for development, but many residents in Indiana lack access to these speeds. Less than 20 percent of residents in Orange county currently have access to broadband internet, the lo...