E-Communication Between Patients And Clinicians Looks To Improve

A new research study takes a look a the way the doctors communicate with their patients electronically.

Indiana University researchers are analyzing electronic communication between patients and clinicians with hopes that better communication will lead to improved health.

Regenstrief Institute Research Scientist Joy L. Lee says the...

Judge Trump Criticized To Speak At Hispanic Heritage Event

An Indiana-born federal judge who President Donald Trump criticized during last year’s presidential campaign will speak next month in Indianapolis during an event marking Hispanic Heritage Month.

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel is scheduled to speak Oct. 6 at the federal courthouse in Indianapolis about his...

Eagle Pointe Golf Resort Owner In Jail

Eagle Pointe

Photo: Lindsey Wright

Doug Thomas purchased Bloomington's Eagle Pointe in December.

The owner of the Eagle Pointe Golf Resort is in custody at the Monroe County Jail.

According to arrest records, police...